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National Period Hygiene Day + Our new Partner and Fundraiser!

May 28th is National Period Hygiene Day! We are using the holiday to highlight the struggle for someone experiencing period poverty.

65% of women and girls in Kenya cannot afford sanitary products

This haunting statistic has motivated us to partner with PadMad Kenya and provide 150 girls in schools with PadMad products.

Education is a valuable step toward escaping poverty. Unfortunately for many young girls in Kenya, they are forced to be absent from school due to lack of period recourses. When the average menstruation takes up 65 days out of every year, a girl's education is greatly impacted by the lack of access to period products.

Our newest partners over at PadMad Kenya are going to help us in making a difference. PadMad produce reusable pads in Kenya using raw Kenyan materials. So their pads are by Kenyans for Kenyans and are also by women for women!

Their pads last at least 2 years, simply washed, dried, then ready for reuse- making them extremely sustainable budgetarily and environmentally!

The Deluxe Menstrual PadMad kit is what we are raising funds for. Their deluxe kit has everything needed to switch over to reusables and change someone's life for the better!

Follow the link to our fundraiser to help us in providing 150 girls

with sustainable period products.

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