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Our Team

Our Team

Tandum is completely incorporated in Tasmania, Australia,

founded and digitally run by a small team there. Tandum's sole purpose, however,

is to support grassroots organizations in Kenya, particularly remote and rural. 

One way of doing so is through employment and stability, and so a large amount of the work is truly done by and for Kenyans.

Tandum does not dictate what happens in Kenya - we support those who live there in what they see are the primary areas they need support in.

Tandum's main team are the women we work with in Kenya. 

They compromise of women who work and live in places we're looking to support: all bringing varied skills and life experiences to our team.

We value each and every one and are grateful to be able to partner with such an awesome group of inspiring individuals.


Hear it from our partners how these efforts impact their lives!

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