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       Here is where you will find
   all the different ways we have     and will continue
to support
Kenyan families,
       and individuals.

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Greenhouses are a great way to not only

bring a food source to a community,

      but economic growth as well.

                 Tandum puts up greenhouses

                  in schools, women groups

                and communities.


Malkia sanitary packs

 Period poverty is a very real issue in Kenya,                

with many girls and women not having                    

reliable access to period products.                    

These packs come with                    

reusable pads, undies, and training                  

on how to properly use them.                

Each pack has enough pads to last 

                         up to 3 years!                            


​They are also made  by a local women's group  

so Kenyan made and produced! 

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Malkia means Queen in Swahili

and was the name chosen by

some of the girls who received

these packs.

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Energy saving cookers

                                           Many of the schools Tandum works with,                                          have a lunch program that provides a cooked                                      meal for the students. Some of these students                                 come from families where food is hard to come by,

                                   so these lunch programs mean a lot and also                                               keep students coming to get an education.

                                     Tandum funds energy saving cookers to these                                 schools so they can cook with very little firewood.

                  We also provide small cookers to individual families.

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Mapenzi women

It is a known fact that when you invest            

in women, not only their family but the               whole community benefits.            

  Tandum works with women in                

facilitating training, financial advice                  

and business development.                 

80% of Kenya's farms

are run by women.


Water tanks

                         Water tanks are life-giving.

                           Many Kenyans are forced to walk up to 6km

                          to retrieve drinking water every single day.

                       Most of this drinking water is sourced from lakes,                              rivers, and shallow wells, yet 41% of the population                          lack access to basic sanitation.

                 Our tanks provide a safe water source,

supporting people in caring for their farms and families.

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Solar lights

Solar lights make an amazing difference in a families life.    

          A donation of a solar light not only        provides light, but can be used for        charging small items such as mobiles,    

save money and keep a family healthy.

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Dairy goats

             Food insecurity is extremely prominent                  for families and communities                                 experiencing poverty and drought. 

         Tandum helps source dairy goats to those    in need. Dairy goats are also known to produce 2-3 litres of milk every day, so it also gives them the opportunity to make some money for their families and communities. 

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