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WE ARE Tandum


Tandum is made up of a group of people from Kenya and Australia, all passionate about working together and creating a difference, no matter how small.  
We partner with communities and organisations to come up with lasting solutions to end hunger in communities and create sustainable solutions to identified problems.

Tandum meaning

Tandum has taken the word tandem (two or more riding or working together) and put u (YOU) into it.

We believe that each human being has value and that we need each other to make this world a better place.


Is development that meets the needs of the present 

without compromising the ability of future leaders

to meet their own needs


We are motivated

By the changes we see when small changes are made by the people themselves.  Tandum fully believes that the best way to achieve change in someones life is for them to be in control of that change. They are the ones who should give direction and best able to facilitate any changes they want to see happen.

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