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Tandum works in partnership with communities,

school and women/youth groups to see

positive outcomes for people


Greenhouses are a great way to not only bring a food source but economic growth as well.

Tandum puts up greenhouses in schools, women groups and communities .

These greenhouses rock and if you want to read more click here

Malkia Sanitary packs

Malkia means Queen in Swahili and was the name chosen by some of the girls in Kenya who have received these packs.

Each pack has enough reusable pads to last up to 3 years.  We also put in some undies and provide training on how to use the pads.

They are made by a local women's group so Kenyan made and produced - seriously cool!!


Solar lights make an amazing difference in a families life.


A donation of a solar light not only provides light but can be used for charging small items such as mobiles and is also a way to save money and keep the family healthier.

Read more about solar lights here and how you can make a difference by donating one today

Mapenzi Women

It is a known fact that when you invest in women, not only their family but the whole community benefits.

Tandum works with women in facilitating training, financial advice and business development. Read more here 


Many of the schools Tandum works with, has a lunch program that provides a cooked meal for the students. Some of these students come from families where food is hard to come by, so these lunch programs mean a lot and also keep students coming to get an education.

Tandum funds energy saving cookers to these schools so they can cook with very little firewood - they are amazing! We also provide small cookers to individual families.

Read all about them here and the difference they can make

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