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Tandum is a non-profit organization partnering with communities in drought-ravaged Kenya to end hunger. We look for projects that will create lasting and sustainable change in the lives of the people we work with. But to access the most regional areas of our projects we need to make tracks, and currently with no vehicle on the ground to get our team from A to B it limits our teams ability to move swiftly and efficiently in times of need.



By having a vehicle on ground we can continue to work in the most regional parts of Kenya, continuing to implement sustainable long-term projects that make a real difference to a community. Our projects include the development and construction of Greenhouses, the education and implementation of regional health care such as girls sanitary kits as all girls deserve dignity, as well as small women's business projects to empower the local communities that we work with.


What you might have in small change can make a HUGE change in the lives of those in need.


We are so grateful for an anonymous donor who has helped us get 70% of the way there to making tracks. We only need the last 30% and we will be driving our way across Kenya to help more communities than ever before.

Our Impact so far : 6 Greenhouses put up in schools/women group 3 large energy saving cookers in three schools Over 200 sanitary packs given out in three schools Over 100 solar lights given to families 15 energy saving cookers to families Numerous training and education sessions ran to nearly 1000 people

And this is just the beginning! No longer will our local team have to hitch a ride on the back of a motorbike for a 3 hour journey to help delivery sanitary kits to girls in need, no longer will we need to ride the bus with farmers kits and education packs tightly tucked under arm, a vehicle will allow us to make tracks to more communities, providing more support then ever before, but not without your help.

We are 70% of the way there in making tracks in a TANDUM dedicated vehicle...your small change will make a huge change.

watch out for our gofund me link- LIVE SOON or contact on how you can help

TANDUM TRACKS FOR CHANGE is a Global Development Group (GDG) approved aid and development project (J845N) in project partnership with TANDUM.


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