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A success story: The Naro Moru Women’s Group in Kenya

Tandum Kenya is a non-profit organization partnering with communities in drought-ravaged Kenya to end hunger. We look for projects that will create lasting and sustainable change in the lives of the people we work with.

A recent greenhouse initiative in collaboration with the women’s group of small central Kenyan market town Naro Moru has be

en a huge success and exemplifies what everyone at Tandum is working towards.

To say these women are passionate is an understatement. They were the guiding force behind this project, seeking us out after hearing of our work nearby and suggesting they start up a local greenhouse.

The group initially came together as a support network, particularly for mothers raising children with disabilities, and they brought that same sense of community-mindedness, resilience and nurturing to this new challenge.

Working closely with these women and the government we were able to facilitate the installation on spare land. The group now own and run the greenhouse using the practical farming skills and business training we provided to create not only a source of food for themselves but also a thriving business with a steady income.

This project has enriched the lives of these women, alleviating some of their anxieties about feeding their families and setting them up with valuable skills for the future.

Greenhouse chairwoman Julia Njoki Kihara said her job meant a lot to her and she loved that the project empowered women.

“I am proud to see that tomatoes that we planted some time back are now ready for harvesting and I am getting my daily bread for my children,” Julia said.

She said she would be passing the knowledge she has gained from this project on to her children.

“For the future of my children I encourage them to put more effort in education so that when they grow up they may start different projects, including farming.”

Group member Regina Wathenya Weru travelled to Nairobi to learn about farming and now trains her co-workers.

“I love cooperation in my community,” she said. “I would advise the women group to cooperate, work as a team and put in a lot of effort.”

Greenhouse worker Alice Watetu Njoroge, said her “most challenging issue in life” had been feeding her children, one of whom has a disability so severe he cannot sit or stand unassisted.

“I love farming since it is an income-generating activity and my children eat these vegetables,” she said.

We have been so impressed with the determination, physical skill, entrepreneurial spirit and teamwork of this group. We are thrilled to see the enormous positive impact this project has had on the lives of the women and the community as a whole.

The greenhouse and the women who run it have become beacons of hope in a town facing an uncertain future and we are so very proud of this extraordinary achievement.

Tandum greenhouses are sourced through Amiran a world class organisation offering quality greenhouses, training and ongoing assistance.

By putting up a quality product, this ensures that the community looking after it have a great foundation to build on.

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