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Energy saving jiko (cooker) J845N
  • Energy saving jiko (cooker) J845N


    These energy saving jiko's (cookers) make a massive difference in a school.  Many of the schools Tandum works in are being provided food by the government.  This is due to the fact that children in the area often go without food and its also an incentive to keep kids in school.  


    Sadly the government does not provide cookers to cook the food with.  Most of these schools cook in big pots over fires.  Many of them put out meals that feed hundreds of kids.  The issues around using firewood all the time are quite impacting.  Cooks get ill from all the smoke, there is the environmental impact as they are using a lot of wood, the food does not cook in a good way and sometimes they are not able to cook at all due to not having the wood to do so.  


    The energy saving cookers use only a few pieces of firewood, dont leave smoke in the kitchen and cook the food evenly and in good time.  All the reports we have had back tell us that these make a massive difference in not only providing a healthy lunch but providing a healthy environment to cook.

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