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our mission

Our mission is to partner with

people and communities

so that sustainable and

long last solutions can be achieved

to address poverty and its causes

To do as much as we can in providing opportunities for positive change in peoples lives in Kenya


To work together with people who are like minded in seeing change happen


To see positive changes in communities, schools, families and individuals lives


That a greater number of Kenyan children will have better access to choices in how they live their lives


To see poverty diminished in communities where we work


To see lasting changes in families lives


our goals

That people should have control over their own lives and that includes choice

That each person is inherently unique and valueable and has something to contribute

That we do not discriminate based on someone's sex, disability, tribe, religious affiliation, ability, sexual orientation or where they live

That we do all we can in partnering with people to provide sustainable and long last solutions to poverty's challenges

our values

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